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Marty Lowman: Bio

Dancing With Father Time is a new independent release from Essex County, Ontario, singer-songwriter Marty Lowman. The album was released at a celebration at Erie Shores Vineyard, Sunday, August 22. 

The album crosses several guitar driven musical genres and includes several themes. Time is one of the obvious themes and Lowman reflects on the passage of time in the title track and “My Sixties” as he reminisces about the Sixties with a tongue-in-cheek look at what his future might hold. He explores the sentimental aspects of a relationship the country/folk style in “Let’s Go Back In Time,” and then switches to a social justice theme in “My Neighbours,” “Asking Too Much?” and drives the social justice message with hard-driving rock in “See the Children Marching.” “Trust the Guide” and “Let it Flow” explore the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life’s journey. Lowman’s lyrics are powerful and punchy, reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, Dylan and Kristofferson. There are many layers in the lyrics so freshness remains after repeated listens, with a new element emerging with each play. Musically, you can hear the influences of David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler in the guitar tracks and Leonard Cohen in the vocals. Dancing With Father Time was released digitally on iTunes and in December, 2009. Since then it has received over seventy-five  thousand plays worldwide on the internet radio station Here are a few comments from fans:

“One of the best songs I've heard in a long time. Really nice to hear some lyrics written by someone with a few years under his belt. The guitar(s) on this song are stunning! It's like listening to a folk singer backed up by 70's Floyd. A brilliant piece of music. A must listen. A must own.......” Ilana R. New York City.

“ People -- this guy has style. He is real and in this biz that is more rare than common. Marty -- some of us really get it so don't stop. ” Thomas L., London, Ontario.

“ Like Dire Straits and Serge Gainsbourg had a baby. ” Wes B., Chicago, IL “

This CDs a revelation. Why haven’t I heard of this man before?” Vajra S. Bangalore, India.

“A gem of an album: Dylanesque Pink Floyd with a touch of Cohen. A must listen, must buy.” D.R.B, Manchester, UK “ Great stuff! An unsung pro! ” Mark V. Coco Beach, FL.