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Marty Lowman: Blog

Happy Groundhog Day

Posted on February 2, 2012

Here's wishing everyone a happy Groundhog Day. 
Groundhog Day is a great day.  Once a year it rolls around and according to legend the groundhog (woodchuck), a small rodent that hibernates for the winter pokes it head out of it's den on the second day of February to check on the progression of winter.  If the groundhog sees it shadow, the legend predicts that there will be six more more weeks of winter - if the groundhog doesn't see it's shadow then winter will end before six weeks. 

Here in Ontario our rodent predictor is know as Wiarton Willie - Wiarton is a town in the Bruce Peninsula right in the middle of Ontario's snow belt.  Willie was up early this morning and did not see his shadow, so bonus - spring is just around the corner.  I like Groundhog Day because it's all about optimism.  Sure it's based on superstition with no scientific claim to reality - but aren't most of our holidays?  

Winter is a fact of life.  It rolls around every year and it brings a change in the weather to cooler temperatures and here in the north, snow.  Winter has certain charms, but there's no doubt that winter bring with its challenges too - keeping warm, shovelling snow, hazardous driving conditions - yuk! 
Life has it periods of winter too.  But like the seasons things come and go.  Groundhog day is a day to remember that things change.  Change may just around the corner, or there may be another six weeks of winter, but this too shall pass.