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Marty Lowman: Blog

Ray's question about guitars

Posted on October 30, 2010

Ray - thanks for your question.  In the opening sequence of Let it Flow I was attempting to establish a haunting, etherial quality in the music.  The guitar I used in the opening solo is a Prestige NYC Special - a sem-hollow body jazz style guitar equiped with two Seymour Duncan SP90 pickups.  It has a very thick tone and I found that by using a short delay effect and then plugging directly into the board it accentuates the hollow sound.  You may notice I used the same effect on the guitar solos on Shadow Dancers. 

The other electric guitars used on the album are a Godin SD - you'll hear that on the arpeggios in Let it Flow and a custom Telecaster style guitar, and a custom Stratocaster style.  The tele is equipped with Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack pickups to retain the classic tele twang.  On the Strat I installed Seymour Duncan "split rail" pickups.  The split rails pick ups can be used as P90s, single coil, or in combo for a full humbucker sound.  This gives the strat a lot of versatility in tone and is my main "go to" guitar in the studio.  Often it's much easier to dial in the tone rather than to change guitars and amp settings.