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Story Behind Twenty Dollars

Posted on September 25, 2010
Twenty Dollars is a song about the homeless and my encounters with homelessness over the years.  I've avoided writing this one because it's a tough one to talk about.  It is based on real life events with a bit of poetic license employeed.  When I first wrote Twenty Dollars I established that any money made from the song would go to help the homeless - that would include a portion of every CD I sell and any royalties earned from the song.  I included it on the album for that reason - 8% of my record sales go to help the homeless.
There was a time years ago when I was, let's say down and out.  I wasn't homeless but in a position financially when things looked quite impossible.  I had a job as a commission salesman, but sales were very slow and I was not making anything close to making ends meet.  Events had come into play that were beyond my control and as hard as I tried, I seemed to make little headway.  One day a man I worked with, a man I [...]
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Hey Morgan - sure I agree that terrestial radio with it's strict controls does provide some quality control, and I'm all in favour of the cream rising to the top.  I'm not opposed to quality control, but who decides what "quality" is?  I've heard many quality artists who have been relegated to sidelines because their music didn't fit within an accepted genre, or the artist didn't have the right look to become the hearthrob of the opposite sex.  That standard has more to with what is believed will make money rather than quality.  Remember Achey Breaky Heart?
The internet has provided a vehicle for any artist to release his or her music to the public - if people like they will listen, if they don't they won't.  Quality is in the ears of the listener.  I want the freedom to decide what I like and what I want to listen to, rather than have this determined by a small group of business people who have a vested interested in a small group of artists.

Some Thoughts on Internet Radio

Posted on September 15, 2010
When I first started writing again three years ago, I wasn't sure where my music would take me.  It kind of came out of the blue - I didn't set out with the intention of writing it just started to happen and I went with the flow.  I did feel that my songs originated somewhere within myself, but also that there was an outside influence that was providing inspiration.  Where exactly it originates is still a bit of a puzzle to me, but I'm okay with some ambiguity about that. Looking back I would not have predicted that three years later I would have an album that is being played and sold around the world.  When it came to sharing the music I felt I had an obligation to the muse or the source of inspiration - call it the muse, even if that is solely within myself, which it most likely is, a combination of the conscious and unconscious mind working together.  So I decided to put it out there.
I released my album Dancing With Father Time in digital format December 2009.  [...]
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Story Behind See the Children Marching

Posted on September 13, 2010
I'm often asked if I write a melody first or the lyrics first, or both at the same time.  The answer is it's never the same.  Most frequently I write both melody and lyrics together but a song can start with a melody, a chord progression or with an idea for lyrics.  Most often I write on an acoustic guitar, once in a while on a keyboard, and once in a while on an electric guitar.  See the children marching started out with the riff on the electric guitar.  I was in the studio so I recorded the riff which then turned into the rhythm guitar track.  That original track is the same one that's on the final version of See the Children Marching.  Once I got the rhythm track done I added the bass line, mixed it down and put it on my mp3 player.  With the mp3 playing through the ear buds I started writing the lyrics.
The lyrical content comes from the idea greed is behind most of the trouble the world faces today.  We always want more and can never seem [...]
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Story Behind Let's Go Back In Time

Posted on September 12, 2010
It seems every couple has some kind of defining moment in their relationship.  For some it might be a special song they danced to, a restaurant where they had that special dinner - a particular moment in time that they will always remember.  For my wife Deb and I there was a weekend that we spent in Quebec City years ago.
Like so many things in life the spontaneous and unexpected happenings can turn out to be the really meaningful ones.  It was a Thursday afternoon and I had just arrived home from work.  It also happened to be the August Civic Holiday, and I had arranged to take Friday off work and Monday was a statutory holiday, so we had this four-day weekend ahead of us and nothing planned.  Having been a musician since my teen years and having spent years on the road, I had the chance to visit many wonderful places.  Deb had travelled less than I, and had never been to Quebec City.  I had always told her that it was a place we should visit, and [...]
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