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Marty Lowman: Music

Let it Flow

(Marty Lowman)
September 22, 2010
Marty Lowman

"Let it Flow" had a couple of working titles, "Karma's Spell" and "Introspection."  I decided to go with "Let it Flow" because that's the hook line that occurs several times in the song.  I suppose if any of my songs describe my inner-thoughts and inner-workings (and I guess they all do to one extent or another) this one probably says it most directly.  I think when it comes to the way we order our lives there are basically two kinds of people.  There are those who plan every move - they set goals and work towards achieving them fighting through the obstacles that arise as they go.  I don't have a term that I use to describe these people but they could very well be described with the well know "Type A Personality" description.  Then theres a group of people who are less combative in their approach to life.  I refer to them as "Flow People."  I place myself in this group.

Flow people can still be very goal oriented, but they are less concerned about how the goals will be achieved.  They have a basic recognition that there are many roads that will lead them to the outcome they desire.  Most often "Flow People" are introspective.  Often they are people who write journals, engage in meditation or other contemplative activites.  Me - I write journals.  During these times I can strongly visualize goals and desires, and often begin to understand how the pieces of the puzzle (my life) will fall into place.  The line in the song "it's hard to be surprized, because I've seen it all with my unconscious eyes" aptly describes this process.

This time of contemplation, now matter how it is performed is also closely connected to the law of attraction.  There's been much ado about the law of attraction lately, and in a popular book has been distorted into the idea that if I wish for something it will happen.  The law of attraction is much more profound and deeper than that and it has more to do with alligning one's self with his or her desires so that a person's goals are exactly in line with their inner desires and purpose.  Once a person's self-awareness reaches to a level in which his/her desires are truly fulfilling - events begin to flow together in ways not always consciously realized by the individual.  Carl Jung referred to this as "Synchronicity."  It's something we can all experience, but you can't force it.  You just have to Let it Flow.

Let it Flow - Words and Music by Marty Lowman (c)2007

Just when I think it's settled and I know the score I step into a scene and think I've been here before

The final destination sometime seems hidden in the haze Just lead me down the right road and take me through life's maze

Wherever you take me it's hard to be surprised Because I saw it all with unconscious eyes

So I just let it flow

The river winds and wanders while it takes it course Its destination set at its trickling source

And the picture comes together piece by piece Still the puzzle's not complete and destiny not reached

The Grey Ghost may be watching, but there's nothing he can say

So I just let it flow

I try to pay things forward but when in Karma's spell Just which way things are going you can never tell

Sometimes I lose my balance on this tight high wire dance But I don't need a safety net I fly by the seat of my pants

Even when 'm getting tired and I want to rest a while You're not behind me pushing, but leading with a smile

So I just let it flow