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Marty Lowman: Music

It Is What It Is

(Marty Lowman)
Marty Lowman

If you have a friend who's a songwriter, you probably already know that you need to be careful what you say or it might end up in a song.  One day I was standing in a line-up at Tim Horton's.  Canadians will know what Tim Horton's is - it's an institution here, but just in case you don't know, Tim Horton's sells coffee, doughnuts and muffins (as well as other stuff).  For some reason Tim Horton's has become such a part of a Canadian's daily routine that we will line up for that brown nectar.

I don't like standing in lines - I'll avoid it most often, but on this particular day I was with two friends and they were prepared to endure the line-up which in reality was no longer than about a ten minute wait.  My friend Christine begins to complain "why don't they get more people working here - this is nuts that we have to wait so long for a cup of coffee."  My other friend Rick, turns and says, "hey, it is what it is.  You either stand in line and put up with it, or move on with your day."  A bit harsh?  Maybe but true nontheless.

It really didn't have much impact with me right at the time, but later I began thinking about it.  We (and I include myself here) do spend a lot of time complaining about things that we can't change.  What a waste of psychic energy that is.  Our choices really boil down to either dealing with the situation or avoiding the situation.  Sometimes we can't avoivd the situation, and other times it's perhaps not in our best interest to avoid the situation.

But there was one other thing that struck me.  We do spend a lot of energy trying to avoid unpleasant situations - many times there's more energy expended in avoidance activities than would be required to simply deal with a situation in the first place.  The truth is we will all experience unpleasantness in our lives and we will have have to deal with hardship in one form or another.  Many of us are guilty at looking at the lives of other people and envious.  Most often that's because we judge the quality of other people's live by outward appearances.  They might have a nice house, a cool car, and all the latest gadgets on the market.  But you can't see inside that person's life - you don't know what that person deals with on a day to day basis.  We all face struggles of one kind or another.

It is what it is - if you don't like what it is, do something about it.  If it's something you can't change, then look for the inner resources to deal with it effectively.  One thing's for sure, you can start again.

It Is What It Is ©Words and Music by Marty Lowman 2009

It's one of those days when nothing goes right The plans you've made are so far out of sight

And you think you're alone struggling through this mess Your experience is shared, yeah it happens to the best

So pick yourself up and shake of the dust We all make mistakes, you've got what it takes

It is what it is It ain't what it ain't

Think you can you can Think you can't then you cain't

It is what it is At times we all ride the train of pain Life ain't easy

Tomorrow's a new day - you can start again

When I was a kid the teacher talked about a boy who couldn’t feel pain I thought that was so cool until she began to explain

Without the pain he couldn’t tell something was wrong And it’s the day to day pain of life that makes us strong S

o make no mistake, it comes to us all Work your way through it you can stand tall

Now there's a man over there, you say he's got it made The sun always shines on him and you’d jump at the chance to trade

Your life for his, but you can't see the road he walks And you judge his life by his house his car and other things he's bought

But if you walk in his shoes - you'll find you were wrong You see, he struggles like you, yeah he struggles like me, it won't take long

It is what it is It ain't what it ain't Think you can you can Think you can't then you cain't I

t is what it is At times we all ride the train of pain Life ain't easy

Tomorrow's a new day - you can start again