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Marty Lowman: Music

All in a Day's Work

(Marty Lowman)
October 11, 2011
Marty Lowman

I've haven't quit my day job (I've been told more than once not to do that).  During the day I'm an academic advisor at a University.  I'm fortunate to have a job that allows me to work with students as they work on their education and prepare for their future.  In 2010 I helped to plan a conference for academic advisors.  A conference like this provides an opportunity for academic advisors to gather, share information, network and gain insight from peers on how to be more effective.

A couple of days before the conference was to begin I managed to gather a few minutes to reflect on what it means to be an academic advisor.  I thought of a particular student who had recently graduated and some of the events that happened during her time at the university.  This is her story.  I wrote the song from personal experience, but I wrote it for academic advisors all over the world.  We've all had this experience.

All In A Day's Work

©Words and Music by Marty Lowman, 2010


The first time that I saw her she sat beside my desk

She said I don't know what I'm doing but I need a degree I guess

We talked about her interests, what she might like to do

I said why not start with this and in a few months we'll review

All in a day's work - that's what I do


She became a regular she talked with me each term

We talked about her future, we talked about what she’d learned

When she found a major I saw much less frequently

I wrote it off to her progress thinking she no longer needed me

All in a day's work - this is what I do



I don't always feel like I'm doing something great

The word I speak, they don't always appreciate

Sometimes I feel like I work a human assembly line

Get this one through, that one off probation, make sure they graduate on time

It's all in a day's work - it's what I do


Then I saw her out on campus something caused me to be concerned

I had the sense she was hurting, about to crash & burn

I took her to the office we sat and had a long chat

It took a while but soon she got herself back on track

All in a day's work - it's what I do


The next time that I saw she was in her cap and gown

She took me to her family, her mom hugged me – it seemed I was known

She said without this guy, I would have never made through

We need to tell him thank you and the thanks is overdue

All in a day's work - it's what I do



It's makes me stop and think about the influence I wield

Sometimes it's way down the road before it's revealed


If you check her facebook page you'll see her in her graduation gown

Then there's me in the middle and her family's all around

The caption says my support group who helped me make it through

And the picture says a thousand words about the importance of what I do

All in a day's work - it's what I do

 Chorus 2

She helped me remember I'm doing something great

Even when the word I speak, they don't always appreciate

She reminds me that I don’t work a human assembly line

I'll get this one through, that on off probation make sure they graduate on time

It's all in a day's work - it's what I do