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Marty Lowman: Music

See the Children Marching

(Marty Lowman)
Marty Lowman

I'm often asked if I write a melody first or the lyrics first, or both at the same time.  The answer is it's never the same.  Most frequently I write both melody and lyrics together but a song can start with a melody, a chord progression or with an idea for lyrics.  Most often I write on an acoustic guitar, once in a while on a keyboard, and once in a while on an electric guitar.  See the children marching started out with the riff on the electric guitar.  I was in the studio so I recorded the riff which then turned into the rhythm guitar track.  That original track is the same one that's on the final version of See the Children Marching.  Once I got the rhythm track done I added the bass line, mixed it down and put it on my mp3 player.  With the mp3 playing through the ear buds I started writing the lyrics.

The lyrical content comes from the idea greed is behind most of the trouble the world faces today.  We always want more and can never seem to be satisfied with what we've got.  As a result we have become a consumer society - there's always something new that we need and we accumulate and hoard, or we buy and discard.  How do we break free? 

The second verse ramps into child soldiers and the war and unrest that never seems to stop - it moves from location to location.  Greed again is a driving force behind much of the civil unrest the world faces - mix in a dash of hate and then mix the two with religion and you have a lethal combination that drives many of the atrocities and terrorist activities that the world is plagued with.  How do we break free? 

The chorus suggests it's a simple thing.  It is - if we only buy what we need, or if we can resist mixing greed, hate and religion, we would be able to break free.  The tough part is doing it.

See the Children Marching © Words and Music by Marty Lowman 2009

See the people marching see the people marching Like robots programmed to buy - see them stand in line

 See the people marching see the people marching Consuming is religion and buying is divine

And the goods flow out the door end up in the trash We build a monument of garbage that for generations lasts

While the church is sitting empty Wal-Mart gone berserk We're buying stuff from China while our neighbour's out of work A

nd the debt keeps piling higher there's no money in the bank And the stock market's crashing the economy's in the tank

Chorus 1 Oh, it seems so simple to me, we don't need all this stuff and it's time to break free

Oh, it seems so simple to me - just buy what you need and change our destiny

See the children marching, see the children marching Marching with those big-ass guns in their hand

See the children marching see the marching Oh and it now their lying in the sand

Tell me what's the reason do you know the answer To why they fight and die - war's just a cancer

Is it because my culture's different or have you been mislead To believe in a god of vengeance so now we count up the dead

And your prophets and your preachers mix politics and god Inciting you to violence against the infidel dog

 Chorus 2 Oh, it seems so simple to me - don't dress hate up in religion - it's time to break free

Oh, it seems so simple to me - how can you believe in a god who would kill you and me