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Marty Lowman: Music

Let's Go Back in Time

(Marty Lowman)
Marty Lowman

It seems every couple has some kind of defining moment in their relationship.  For some it might be a special song they danced to, a restaurant where they had that special dinner - a particular moment in time that they will always remember.  For my wife Deb and I there was a weekend that we spent in Quebec City years ago.

Like so many things in life the spontaneous and unexpected happenings can turn out to be the really meaningful ones.  It was a Thursday afternoon and I had just arrived home from work.  It also happened to be the August Civic Holiday, and I had arranged to take Friday off work and Monday was a statutory holiday, so we had this four-day weekend ahead of us and nothing planned.  Having been a musician since my teen years and having spent years on the road, I had the chance to visit many wonderful places.  Deb had travelled less than I, and had never been to Quebec City.  I had always told her that it was a place we should visit, and kind of out of the blue I said, "Let's go to Quebec for the weekend."  She looked at me like I was crazy - Quebec City is about 1400 Km, almost 900 miles from Windsor, ON where we were living at the time.  We had no hotel reservations - no plan, we just hopped in the car about an hour later and hit the road.

I'm not going to bore you with all the details for the weekend, but we arrived in Quebec about 10:00 on Friday morning.  I took a while before we were able to find a hotel, but we eventually found a room, had a nap and were out an about in the old city by late afternoon.  Quebec City dates back to I belive 1604 when Samuel de Champlain established the city.  The area was settled by the french and much of the old city still exists today.  The old city is a network of shops, restaurants, outdoor cafes, street artists and it has a distinctly European feel.  If you haven't been there, you owe it to yourself to take a trip.  We had an excellent time - just hanging out together and feeling in love, in this romantic place

The song looks a bit at how relationships change over time.  Demands of living, kids, career demands often take a toll on the quality of time couple share.  "It's been a while since we took the time, to sit like lovers with a glass of wine, let's go back in time, get lost in love, like that weekend in Old Quebec."

Let’s Go Back in Time © Marty Lowman, 2008

It’s been a while since we took the time To sit like lovers with a glass of wine

I miss the love in your eyes and the days go by And turn to weeks, then months and the season fly

I want to go back in time, get lost in love, like that weekend in Old Quebec

You’ve been busy working overtime My job gives me a steep path to climb

And the kids need time and you’re mom's been sick

In the business of life the bills pile up oh so quick Let’s go back and get lost in love, like the weekend in Old Quebec


We spent the weekend drunk on love Made romance with the blue skies above

Walked cobble-stone streets, our hands and hearts entwined Lost in love in Old Quebec (repeat)

Let’s go back to where it all began, some where back time To that place where we fel in love – love so fine

It's been a while, since we took the time, to sit like lovers with a glass of wine

I want to go back in time - get lost in love Like that weekend in Old Quebec